OB & GYN Practice Management Software

Integrated OB-GYN practice management software

Solutions specially designed to support OB & GYN practice with unlimited customization

Integrated solution which has the capability to record OB & GYN practice along with diagnostic record and procedures that are normally required in obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) practice.

The Vyana software lets you to manage an entire clinical viewing and reporting workflow in a single window. This surely saves you 10 - 12 minutes per visit.

Why vyana is the best software for OB / GYN practice management?

OB / GYN-specific billing, Multiple visits management - Appointments, reports and analytics specific to OB / GYN Specialty-specific requirements such as these and so many others make vyana OB / GYN practice management software, preferred software solution among OB & GYN practitioners.

Vyana provides timely Implementation, comprehensive system, Training, and excellent ongoing support with updates. Vyana programmers have performed data conversions over the years, and have perfected interfaces with numerous other systems, diagnostic equipment, labs, PACS, and more.

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Features :

  • OB/GYN specific templates for capturing data
  • Detailed OB/GYN History is recorded
  • Sections for Breast, Pelvic, Abdominal exams
  • OB flow sheet
  • Comprehensive OB/GYN problem list / care plans with sections for treatment plans and education
  • Section for Initial Physical Examination, Genetics Screening and Infection History
  • Capture Vitals, Fundal Height, Fetal Heart and Tones, Urine Glucose and Protein, Ketones, Leukocytes, blood in urine, Fetal Movement, Edema, Contractions, Presentations, etc.
  • Comprehensive Review of Systems
  • Detailed lab section captures Initial Labs, 8-18 weeks / 18-24 weeks / 24-28 weeks / 32-36 weeks
  • Radiology Orders with option to print / fax the lab orders
  • Sections to record data for OB and GYN Ultrasound
  • EDC Confirmation Section in which the calculation of Gestational Age and the EDD based on LMP, Ultrasound Dates, or Procedures as per user selection is displayed
OB GYN Practice Management Software

System reports are compiled on screen almost instantaneously regardless of the parameters needed in any one report, and irrespective of the number of patients in the database. Virtually all system reports can be exported to different formats giving them added functionality.

System Data Updates:
OB / GYN does not require any specific daily, weekly, monthly or yearly closing reports. And since it operates in real time, data entered or edited by users across the entire system becomes immediately available to all other users without having to perform a system close. This type of real time architecture helps ensure that all users are viewing the most up-to-the- minute data in the system to which they have authorized access based on their login type.

Information, Analytics and Data Updates

Fast, Easy and Secure

Managing an OB / GYN practice calls for a system that can produce the operational and financial the data needed for doing exactly that: managing. Vyana OB / GYN software does, and in a variety of user-defined ways that your practice will find interesting, informative, and enlightening.

User definition includes columns, sorts, includes, excludes, color coding, and the ability to save reports with the parameters for that user, and to schedule reports to compile automatically as scheduled by the user.

But the system goes way beyond that in its ability to invoke a variety of dashboards displaying meaningful representations of EDI, financial, and operational data and analytics

Inbound / outbound referral tracking is reported in vyana software allowing the OB / GYN practice to continually monitor its patient referral sources, and to whom patients may be further referred for additional specialized treatment or consultation.

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